KL Jackpot Result Today

To check the KL jackpot result today 18.12.2023 you have come to the right webpage. Here on our webpage, the correct results of the Kerala jackpot today 18.12.2023 are given below in a descriptive way for better understanding. So please scroll down to view the correct information on results.

KL Jackpot Result Today 10.10.2023

Here is the chart in which we can get all the information on the Results related to the Kerala jackpot lottery today for the date 18.12.2023

KL Jackpot Result
1st Prize
10:30 AM
11:30 AM
12:30 PM
1:30 PM
3:30 PM
5:30 PM
6:30 PM
7:30 PM

For a detailed view of each game being played, please scroll down further.

KL Jackpot Result 10:30 AM

NameTime1st Prize 10,000/-2nd Prize 1000/-
Lotto10:30 AM74242

KL Jackpot Result 11:30 AM

NameTime1st Prize 10,0002nd Prize 1000
Jackpot11:30 AM18327

KL Jackpot Result 12:30 PM

NameTime1st Prize 10,0002nd Prize 1000
Lucky12:30 PM51401

KL Jackpot Result 1:30 PM

NameTime1st Prize 10,0002nd Prize 1000
Queen01:30 PM57686

KL Jackpot Result 3:30 PM

NameTime1st Prize 10,0002nd Prize 1000/-
King3:30 PM

Kerala Jackpot Result 5:30 PM

NameTime1st Prize 10,0002nd Prize 1000
Star5:30 PM

KL Jackpot Result 6:30

NameTime1st Prize 10,0002nd Prize 1000
Jackpot6:30 PM0

KL Jackpot Result 7:30 PM

NameTime1st Prize 10,000/-2nd Prize 1000/-
Loto7:30 PM

KL Jackpot Result Overview

Lottery NameKL jackpot result
Timing10:30 AM,11:30 AM,12:30 PM,1:30 PM,3:30 PM,5;30 PM,6:30 PM and 7:30 PM
Prize MoneyRs 10,000/-(1st Prize), Rs 1000/-(2nd Prize)
Draw Date10.10.2023
Status Published
State Kerela

The Government of Kerala is maintaining the Kerala jackpot Game in a very loyal and genuine way. A separate department is established to look after the work and smooth running of the game.

More than 500 employees are working in the related department. It is a game of numbers that depends fully on our luck. Every day many people participate in this Kerala jackpot game to try their winning chance.

A simple chart is being prepared above for a short overview of all the details regarding the KL jackpot result today. In the above-given chart, the participants will get a quick idea of the game. So please have a look at the above-given chart for a simple understanding of the Kerala Jackpot Game.

Lottery Names in Kerala Jackpot Result

Different lotteries are being played under Kerala Lotteries Jackpot Result on a day at different times. The full information for the weekly games of the Kerala lottery which are being played under Kerala lottery Jackpot or KL Jackpot is given on our webpage. Please scroll down a little to view the names of the different lottery game names in a day.
Lottery Names are as follows:-

  • Jackpot
  • Lucky
  • Queen
  • King
  • Star
  • Jackpot
  • Lotto

Lottery Timings for Kerala Jackpot Result

On our webpage, we are going to provide you with the best information related to Kerala lottery Jackpot results. If anyone is searching for the results of their ticket for Kerala Jackpot then please visit our webpage for full details. The Kerala lottery Jackpot Results Today 18.12.2023 are going to be out in 8 different timings whose details are given below. So please scroll down for the information. The 8 different timings are as below

  • 10:30 AM
  • 11:30 AM
  • 12:30 PM
  • 1:30 PM
  • 3:30 PM
  • 5:30 PM
  • 6:30 PM
  • 7:30 PM

KL Jackpot result timetable

As the Kerala Jackpot lottery is being played multiple times in day all the participants are always curious and excited to know the result timings. They want to check their result as soon as the official results are published. So here on our webpage, we are providing a timetable chart that will show all the Kerala Jackpot lottery result announcement times along with the names for a better understanding.

Lotto10:30 AM
Jackpot11:30 AM
Lucky12:30 PM
Queen1:30 PM
King3:30 PM
Star5:30 PM
Jackpot6:30 PM
Loto7:30 PM

So by visiting our webpage, one can easily understand the Kerala lottery Jackpot results announcement time, along with the individual names. This will help them to better understand the Kerala Jackpot game and increase their winning chances.

About KL Jackpot lottery

The Kerala Lottery Jackpot or KL Jackpot is a very popular and famous game being played in India. The Kerala lottery Jackpot result or may be called KL Jackpot Result, is played 8 times a day under different names whose information is also given on our webpage. 

The Kerala Lottery Jackpot games have been in the market for a long time. And they are very popular because they give chances to all the participants to win a big amount of money and change their luck. The Kerala lottery Jackpot is nowadays very famous because of the great response from everyone.

Since 1967 the Kerala State in India has been running the Kerala lottery Jackpot or KL Jackpot. Well besides providing a big opportunity to all the participants, the Kerala lottery Jackpot also adds revenue to the State.

On our webpage, the results of different games of the Kerala Jackpot are updated daily. Along with the daily results, one can also view weekly and monthly Results charts

So by visiting our webpage, one can easily check the results of Kerala Jackpot result today. We have made the process of results checking for the Kerala lottery Jackpot very easy for all the participants.

Now Kerala lottery Jackpot is one of the most liked lotteries in India. If anyone is dreaming of winning a good amount of money and trying their luck for financial help, then the Kerala Jackpot lottery is for them. On this webpage, you will get all the information and enhanced details of the KL Jackpot or Kerala Jackpot lottery Results.

How to Play Kerala Lottery Jackpot

First, we need to understand the Jackpot game deeply than only we can implement our ideas and luck for a win, To win the Kerala Lottery Jackpot, we need to correctly match all the numbers on our ticket with the officially drawn result. 

Once the numbers have been matched with the official result then you are the winner of the game. We will further see how to play the Kerala lottery Jackpot and what steps are to be followed for a win.

  • First of all, we should purchase a Kerala lottery Jackpot ticket from a genuine authorized dealer.
  • The price of each ticket is Rs 40/-
  • There are unique numbers printed on the Kerala Jackpot lottery ticket which is used to check for the winning numbers.
  • Now we have to wait for the official announcement of the results and check our ticket number for prizes to win.
  • Always check the result very carefully. We have simply provided the result on our webpage for better checking.

Kerala Jackpot Result Today Format

The Kerala lottery Jackpot is a game for all players depending on their luck. The lottery game mainly focuses on drawing numbers at random for a prize. If someone has purchased a Kerala Jackpot Ticket or KL Jackpot Ticket and is excited to know the results. 

Then this is the right webpage you are looking for correct results. You will get the latest and updated Kerala lottery Jackpot Result Today without any delay. It is generally played at different times daily and we are here to give you the results without any delay. 

Here we are going to show you the results of the Kerala Jackpot lottery games whose results are being published in 8 different times. The lottery result timings for daily games start from 10:30 AM,11:30 AM, 12:30 PM,1:30 PM,3:30 PM,5;30 PM,6:30 PM, and 7:30 PM. 

Here on our webpage, the results are updated regularly. All the users can now view the Kerala jackpot results here on our webpage on a daily and monthly basis. 

The chart for Kerala jackpot results is given below as an example, which will give you a clear informative picture of the results which are published on our webpage daily. 

So it is requested that all the users please visit our website for an easy understanding of the Kerala Jackpot lottery Result. Please scroll down for the results chart of 18.12.2023 which is given for the reference

Kerala Jackpot lottery result online check

There are very easy steps for checking Kerala Jackpot lottery Results. On our webpage, we have provided simple and easy ways so that the participants can find the Kerala Jackpot lottery Result for the specified date and time. 

Official Kerala Jackpot Result

If anyone is looking for Kerala Jackpot lottery Results then they have come to the right webpage. In this webpage, we have provided the correct link for checking the KL Jackpot Result or we can say Kerala Jackpot lottery Result. After opening the official website we have to scroll down to find Chart- Download Header. On clicking the Chart- Download the page will redirect to a new page showing the Jackpot Chart. Please view the chart to get the updated results.

After clicking on the above link just scroll down a little bit then there will be a heading named today Kerala Jackpot result 18.12.2023. Under this heading, you can find the total information of all the different games with the mentioned time that are being played under the Kerala lottery Jackpot. The results are specified with the given dates mentioned so that the participants do not get confused while searching for the results.

Kerala Lottery Jackpot Leading The Way

The Kerala lottery Jackpot Results is a very well-known lottery game being played in Kerala. The game brings immense happiness and joy to the winning participant. All the problems in their life and bad luck can be removed quickly with a winning result in their favor. 

So we can say that the Kerala lottery is leading the way to success and making an impact on people’s lives to bring happiness and good luck back to their lives again.

Jackpot Meaning

The Jackpot game usually refers to an interesting and thrilling lottery game in which a lucky winner can have a good amount as a winner and take the amount as the grand prize. The Jackpot winner is always selected from one lucky winner from all the other participants.

So here in Kerala, people are always hoping for a favor from their God for becoming the most fortunate winner as a lucky one. So it is requested for every participant to visit our webpage every day to watch for them as a lucky winner. 

The happiness and the smile that we get from the winning participant are like a dream come true moment. So it is requested that all the participant check their Jackpot Results on our genuine and most relevant webpage only. 

Achieve one Jackpot win from the Kerala lottery will change your life forever. So don’t take it easy, always trust a genuine webpage like ours whose only aim is to provide correct results and make dreams come true for them.

Genuine Kerala Jackpot Lottery

We can say that KL Jackpot is the best legal lottery that is played in India. For buying lotteries offline one can say that the Kerala lottery will be the first preference for all the participants. The Kerala State Lottery Board was founded in 1967. 

And it is from that time Kerala Jackpot lottery has been conducted in a very simple and genuine way. There is no way of cheating one can say about Kerala Jackpot lottery Results. 

The simple and genuine quality of the Kerala Jackpot lottery makes it famous and at the top of all other lottery games played in India.

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All the full detailed information related to the above-given topics will be available on our webpage. So it is requested that all the participants visit our webpage for the latest updated results. 

Benefits of Our Webpage

Here our webpage is the right place where you will get all the related information of KL jackpot results daily. Some benefits of our webpage are given below for a quick overview:-

  • Daily Updated Kerala lottery jackpot result
  • User-Friendly
  • Smooth Navigation
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Chart available
  • Fast, Relevant and Live Update 

Latest Updates and Results on Our Webpage

Here on our webpage one can easily come and search the results of Kerala lottery jackpot results. On our webpage, we always try to provide the correct, accurate, and up-to-date results for all the important jackpot lottery games being played.

We do not give any single chance for all the participants to miss the results. We update our results every day, at the correct time of the result announcement. Our webpage is very user-friendly to browse and search for information on the latest results of the Kerala lottery jackpot result.

We always try to cover all the information related to KL jackpot results. Our sole aim is to provide our users with the most correct and updated information linked with the Kerala lottery jackpot result.

We are always ready to update our results as soon they are published on the official website. We can give you 100% assurance that here on our webpage we always provide you with the latest and most accurate information.

Why Our Webpage is Perfect for Jackpot Result

First of all our webpage is very user-friendly and we always provide the latest updates on results. So we have many reasons to say why our webpage is always perfect for Kerala jackpot lottery results.

  • Benefits: There are many multiple websites available online for checking the Kerala jackpot lottery Result but we can say confidently that on our webpage we provide every single piece of information for which the participant is looking at that time.
  • Latest: We are always ready to publish the results on our webpage as soon they are announced. So by which we can say that the participants are getting the most accurate and latest information available on our webpage
  • Team Work: We always work as a team so that every participant who is visiting our webpage gets the latest result without any hesitation.
  • Availability: We as a team are always ready 24/7 to solve any type of problem that any visiting user is facing on our webpage.
  • User Friendly: We can say in an affirming way that our webpage is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. On our webpage, you will get a clean and descriptive page layout so that everyone can quickly view and resolve their queries regarding the Kerala lottery jackpot Result.

Claiming the Kerala jackpot result 

If we win the Kerala lottery jackpot then we need to fill out a claim form to get the prize amount. It is very important to claim the winning prize within the specified time of around 30 days.

If the winning ticket number matches your ticket number, then only the prize will be awarded to that person. After filling out the claim form we need to submit it to the Kerala lottery department for further processing. 

We also need to provide ID proof along with other relevant documents for claiming ownership of the winning ticket. Please note that a 30% tax deduction will be applied to all Kerala Jackpot lottery prizes. 

This may be termed as TDS taken from the winners, Apart from this an additional 4% cess is also applied to Kerala jackpot lottery winners. So the total deduction is making up to around 31.2% for all the winners. 

After our claim is verified by the officials we will receive the winning amount. It is to be noted that if the winning prize is less than Rs 50,000 then it can be claimed from the retail shop.

But if the amount is more than Rs 2,00,000 then the participant should get in touch with the Director of the Kerala department with the winning lottery ticket along with the required documents. 

The main important thing is to have the winning ticket to claim the prizes. For the prize money of more than one lakh, the participant should get in touch with the nearest office of the Kerala jackpot. 

So to claim the winning prizes we should be ready with the following required documents like photographs, Pan card, Ration card and winning lottery ticket. 

For a short brief of claiming the Kerala lottery jackpot Result please follow the given steps below:-

First, visit our webpage to check the correct result. Now if you have won the Kerala lottery jackpot by analyzing the results then congratulations on winning. Please give the genuine details for claiming the prizes. Some important points before applying for the prize:

  • The winner must apply for the withdrawal within the span of the first 30 days after claiming the winning lottery.
  • The tax percentage of around 31.2% will be applied to the winning lottery.
  • If your monthly income is less than Rupees Ten Thousand then in that case the participant will not be taxed.
  • Once the verification process of the winning participant is done only the winning amount is received.

Some FAQs on Kerala Jackpot Lottery/KL Jackpot :

Whether it is legal for the government to participate in Kerala Jackpot?

Yes, it is completely legal to participate in the Kerala jackpot lottery. The Kerala jackpot lottery is maintained by the Government of Kerala from 1967 onwards. So it is completely legal to buy and play the Kerala jackpot lottery in Kerala.

What is the prize money for the KL Jackpot Lottery / Kerala Lottery Jackpot?

The prize money for winning the Kerala jackpot Lottery is different for different lottery games being played. The first prize is Rs 10,000/- and the second prize is Rs 1000/-.

How to buy a ticket for the Kerala Jackpot?

The tickets for the Kerala lottery jackpot can be purchased from authorized lottery agents and retailers from all over the state of Kerala.

Are there any strategies for winning the Kerala Jackpot?

The Kerala jackpot lottery is a game of chance and luck only. So there is no such strategy for winning. The total game is based on your winning luck only.

What is the minimum age to play the Kerala Jackpot Lottery or what we may call the KL Jackpot?

The minimum age to play the Kerala jackpot lottery is to be minimum 18 years old.


The Kerala jackpot is now one of the most popular lottery games being played in India. The Krala Jackpot or what we may call as KL jackpot both the same and they offer a great chance for everyone to win huge prizes.

Each week lot of participants are hoping to win the jackpot lottery prize offered by the Kerala Government. The Kerala jackpot lottery has become a life-changing event for many Indians, hence changing their lifestyle.

Our only purpose of this webpage is to provide a clear view of the Kerala jackpot lottery to everyone. We are dedicated to providing you with the best and correct information on Kerala jackpot lottery results.

So please get connected with our webpage for the latest updates on Kerala jackpot lottery results. For any queries or concerns please feel free to leave a comment on our webpage. We are always here to help you and give the correct information and results of the Kerala jackpot result or KL jackpot result.